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Financial Reports

Because we understand the importance of transparency in financial reporting, the board and staff of Unity Worldwide Ministries Great Lakes Region is committed to regularly preparing and posting financial reports and budgets. We know our members make decisions regarding contributions based on their confidence in our ability to use financial resources wisely, and we are grateful for the generous support that empowers us to provide the programs and services which help our region thrive.
Unity Worldwide Ministries Great Lakes Region is a tithing organization. We share 10% of our gross love offerings received with individuals and organizations who spiritually feed us. With abundant gratitude it has been our privilege to tithe as follows:
  •    2018 Love offerings received via the general Conference, Youth Ministry Training, and Youth Events funds: $142078.90: $129,076
  •    Cash Tithe disbursed during 2018:  $12,829.49: 
  •    Grants & Scholarships in savings for future disbursement:  $1378.40
Our Great lakes Region tithes supported the following recipients in 2018:
  • Unity Worldwide Ministries
  • Unity Headquarters at Unity Village
  • Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute
  • The YOU Regional Officers chose to give the Youth Events tithe of $442.21 to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.
If you have any questions about the information presented here, you may contact UWM-GLR Treasurer at treasurer@greatlakesunity.com


2019 Q1 Income and Expense
2019 Q1 Balance Sheet
2019 Q2 Income and Expense

2019 Q2 Balance Sheet
2019 Q3 Income and Expense
2019 Q3 Balance Sheet
2019 Q4 Income and Expense
2019 Q4 Balance Sheet

2019 YE Income and Expense
2019 YE Balance Sheet




2018 Budget (Compared with 2017)
2018 Q1 Income and Expense Report
018 Q1 Balance Sheet
2018 Q2 Income and Expense Report
2018 Q2 Balance Sheet
2018 Q3 Income and Expense Report
2018 Q3 Balance Sheet

2018 Q4 Income and Expense Report
2018 Q4 Balance Sheet

2018 YE Income and Expense Report
2018 YE Balance Sheet




2017 Year-End Income and Expense Report
2017 Year-End Balance Sheet