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  •         Beyond Polarity video       During times of change, whether considered positive or negative, there is anxiety. "Beyond Polarity" is a great video to assist you and your spiritual communities to help navigate interpersonal relationships during this time.



  1. Re-Opening - Next Three Steps

  2. Re-Opening - We Will All Be Newcomers

  3. Guidelines for ReOpening,  Letter to Ministry Boards

  4. In Covid 19 Times - Doing Ministry Without Walls

  5. Money, Mission and Using COVID-19 to Re-examine, Clarify and Strengthen Our Ministries.  This article includes investigative research and food for thought.

  6. Re-Opening - Next Three Steps       https://faithandleadership.com/dave-odom-next-three-most-faithful-steps?utm_source=albanweekly&utm_medium=content&utm_campaign=faithleadersh

  7. Re-Opening - We Will All Be Newcomers      https://faithandleadership.com/nathan-kirkpatrick-greeting-our-return-when-old-gone-and-new-here?utm_source=albanweekly&utm_medium=content&utm_campaign=faithleadership