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THE GREAT LAKES REGION continues to lead the movement with many ministries signing-on for the UWM EarthCare Program.  All efforts, whether linked to the EC Program or not, are now being collected for an annual celebration by our region's liaison.  Send your stories, and pictures!, to: kathyharwoodlong@gmail.com

UNITY WORLDWIDE --Thanks to the leadership of CEO Rev. Shad Groverland, Managing Director Cathy Christy, and the entire UWM staff, Unity Worldwide Ministries has committed two primary staff members to advancing the work of earth care in conjunction with the UWM EarthCare Team.  Read the full newsletter for excellent ideas. (attach link to our website page where you put this.

Additionally, UWM has submitted a statement in support of Season of Climate Justice and Climate Action.  It reads (in part):

Unity Worldwide Ministries supports and affirms an end to the desecration of Nature, and bold action in stopping climate injustice for all species and human populations who are disproportionately harmed by climate pollution, fossil fuel extraction and consumption and the resulting ecological destabilization.


Check out our Regional EarthCare stories:



     The latest edition of EarthCare Connections is out:

       2023 Spring EC Connections

                  ● Earth Day 2023 ● Earth Month Eco-Challenge ● Green Star Award ● Unity of Walnut Creek, CA certified at Level C ● U-Tube Channel ● Mentoring/ Collaborative Calls ● Facebook ● Have Questions? Here’s who to contact. • Some final thoughts

       Fall 2022 EC Connections

      Summer 2022 EC Connections.pdf (unityworldwideministries.org)

     Read about some of the exciting changes we've made to provide you with even more services and resources. In addition,  a new feature lists ideas/suggestions            that you can use in your local  Green Team along with useful information regarding our YouTube channel, Facebook and Mentoring/Collaborative Calls.  Finally,              listen to Kathy Harwood Long’s interview on Spirit Journey’s radio.

      Spring 2022 Newsletter

      Winter 2021- 2022 Newsletter

      Fall 2021 Newsletter

      Glorifying the Face of God/Nature, November 10th



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