What Does the Future Hold? by Rev. Diane Stark

Thu, 05/28/2020 - 6:27pm -- ccousineau

What does the future hold? Would you agree that this coronavirus pandemic has pushed us all to look into the future more seriously than anything else ever has? As someone writing a blog for June 2020, indeed, is there any other subject worth mentioning this day?

The Unity movement began as a forward thinking, far-seeing wisdom, anchored in unlimited possibility. Charles Fillmore, our co-founder, wrote in “Talks on Truth,” “The earth shall yet be made paradise by the power of love.” Do you see evidence of that? Is it time to begin in earnest for a future anchored in love? Is there anywhere more appropriate than the Unity arena for this conversation to be cultivated?

We need to educate ourselves in being able to think outside conventional models. Colin Turner, a musician in Ireland, offers a theory of economics based on “connection.” He names it “open economy.” It is economic theory that abandons the institution of trade, heretofore considered a foundation of society. Native Americans lived in tribal societies that had no medium of exchange and did not rest upon trade. The educational content that we offer at present is steeped in adversarial thinking and old models of performance.

When we think about overpopulation, our resolve is often disrupted by the controversial subject of birth control. A spiritual approach to overpopulation would be to educate ourselves in reproductive responsibility without the use of birth control, which aboriginal midwives have known for centuries.

Does the solution to being able to survive the dangers of pollution, climate change, and poverty lie in spirituality? Indeed, spirituality, being the realization of oneness, is the great hope of humanity. As each person becomes more sensitized, more aware, more connected to the whole, our choices cease to be destructive, selfish, and shortsighted. Spirituality must become a priority, a new frontier, a buzz word, and the most highly prized experiential process – for everyone.

It has no carbon footprint. It is freely available to all. It is truly our destiny.