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"There Has Been Grace", by Susan Liddell, L.U.T., Board L.U.T. Liaison

Wed, 07/01/2020 - 10:23am -- ccousineau



As we have moved through these last several challenging months of the Covid-19 virus, many of us have had almost surreal experiences. Who would have ever thought the novelty of live-streaming our Sunday services would become our new normal every Sunday morning? Who would believe the least “techy” among us are now participants or even leaders of Zoom meetings!?! Did we ever think beloved summer events such as State Fairs, concerts and other annual gatherings would be cancelled, one right after another! It’s been a wild collective of exciting opportunities to grow our skills mingled with significant grief over derailed summer plans.

And yet…..there have been blessings, there has been grace.

I believe we have learned to set aside some of the old ways of doing life and embrace new ideas for a higher good. We have learned to let go of “but we’ve always done it this way” for creativity and imagination to flow. At Unity Cedar Rapids it will be a while yet before we regather, but we are thinking about a “parking lot event” in July. We have done Coffee Hours after services, classes and prayer vigils, all online. Resistance to creativity and inventiveness, would not have served us well.

We’ve had the opportunity to care for each other in new ways using social media, texting, phone calls. Nothing can compare to sitting face to face with someone in prayer or conversation but I have found congregants very receptive and grateful for our efforts. We affirm and know what is True for each individual, no matter the methods of connection.

For many of us, fortitude and endurance have been required at a whole new level. The strength required to parent or be a caregiver was enormous enough already only to have that responsibility suddenly become a solo 24/7 job. We bless and affirm the ability of these individuals to get up each morning and do another day.

For others, it’s been a time of quiet and solitude. Released from the craziness of life to rest a bit more, read more, go for walks and to simply be in prayer more often.

We have the opportunity to be grateful every moment for our breath, our bodies, the first blessed moments upon awakening and the last prayer of thanksgiving each night. For spring and birdsong and flowers. Friends who check on us and our communities of love which show up unbeckoned and welcomed.

No doubt, it’s been a very tough last few months, very difficult for some as loved ones became seriously ill. Scary for those whose health is vulnerable. But as Unity folks we not only live in and acknowledge this physical experience, we know we are also having a Divine experience and so is everyone else. We are reminded that our bodies do not define us nor do our experiences. We affirm and know the right and perfect workings of this human body. We do our best to care for it and we know we are unconditionally loved. We can only show up as our best self in any given moment.

That is all that is asked of us ever, love self and love one another.




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