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See the Good in All Things; See God in Everything. by Rev. Wilma Taylor-Costen, GLR YFM Liaison

Sat, 06/05/2021 - 5:05pm -- ccousineau

See the Good in All Things; See God in Everything.Several months ago, while participating in a Zoom meeting, I noticed a sign hanging on the wall behind a participant's head. From the camera's distance, it appeared to be an eye chart, the kind that is used in an optometrist’s office. I could read the larger letters; however, some words I could not make out. It was a business meeting, and I should have been focusing on the topic at hand, not looking at the furnishing of his home. However, it was something about that sign that was calling out to me. Spirit would not allow me to rest. My curiosity got the best of me, so I texted him and asked what was printed on the sign; he said See the Good in all things. For me, that statement translated to see God in everything.


See the Good in all things; to see God in everything became my daily mantra, what I affirmed and promised. Little did I know this affirmation would be the rod & the staff that would carry me and support me on my journey, calling me to live and walk in my Truth. On this journey, I experienced an awakening, a moment when I was tested to examine what I professed, to put my Truth to Power.  


It was Sunday, Valentine's Day, a beautiful sunny afternoon. I gathered all my gifts of Love and set out to deliver them to family and friends. Love was indeed in the air; there was a feeling of peace and serenity. I had made my last delivery and was on my way home my sister called and asked me to return; they had forgotten to give me an item. I turned around and headed back to her house. While waiting at the light, a friend from Atlanta called. I answered the phone; the light changed to green; however, I did not move right away as I listened to her as she grieved my uncle's death. Just as I was making my way into the intersection, a large black SUV traveling at a high rate of speed burrowed through the red light; at that moment, everything appeared to move in slow motion, I was able to avoid a collision with the truck. 



The north and south bound cars were still waiting at the red light; the truck continued to fly down the street. I paused on the other side of the intersection, thanking God and my angels for saving me from what could have truly been a tragic experience. For the next few days, I shared my story with friends and family; we all resoundingly agreed that God is Good; however, my Prayer Partner expanded my consciousness regarding the experience. She invited me to pray for the driver of the SUV for whatever had caused them to drive so erratically. Her prayer gave me peace and opened my heart space, releasing the driver and holding the high watch for them.


In thinking about my experience, it was not a coincidence that the near-miss occurred on Valentine's Day, a national day for Love. My near miss was an opportunity to see beyond the obvious into a deeper, more esoteric understanding of the universal, all-encompassing love of God.


There was a blessing, a lesson, a message for all that waited at the red light on Valentine's Day. For me, the reminder was that we are one in the Spirit of our creator; as such, God is Good for all. Our task as Students of Truth is to be the Good of God, the I AM, the earthly expression of God of goodness.


In his book entitled  Prosperity Charles Fillmore Co-founder of Unity wrote this prayer:

"I am a child of the absolute good. God is good, and I am good. Everything that comes into my life is good, and I am going to have only the good."   And so, it is and so it shall be Amen!


By Rev. Wilma Taylor-Costen, GLR Board YFM Liaison



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