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"Finding Your Purpose" by Rev. Diane Stark, Board Secretary

Thu, 03/25/2021 - 6:19pm -- ccousineau


Do you suppose that every soul brings into its incarnation an intention?  Or to put it another way, that every incarnation is a continuation of that entity's unfoldment towards the full and complete spiritualization of itself.

I learned that from being in Unity. 

If we get sidetracked in our life path from our original intention or purpose, then we can become very distressed.  The Book, “Indigo Children” offers a premise that a new wave of souls came in with determination to follow their life plan without interference from authority figures.  Parents were in dismay from the way their children refused to accept their dictates. These children demanded that their unique qualities not be overridden However, this is how we should have always been working with children in the first place, isn’t it?

So. how do we deal with this business of there being an agenda for your life?

First, let's look at this from another perspective. From the idea that we bring gifts or proclivities, or already highly developed abilities with us, from past lives.  For example, the young piano virtuoso in Russia, Alexander Malofeev, plays with such feeling and expression, he might well be a reincarnation of a composer, like Rossini, who wrote concertos throughout his life.  Malofeev stated in an interview, “I play many hours a day, not to practice.  It’s how I think” 

These gifts may or may not be what we have contracted to do.  For myself, I think I have a history of ballet in past lives, but I deliberately chose to be in a body too tall for ballet because I did not want to get sidetracked into dance.  (I love it so much.)  I wanted a life of service. 

Yet, how do we get in touch with our soul's pre incarnation plan? And why should we? Is it the best choice for us?  If you think of the “in between lifetimes” as a way of seeing the bigger picture, you can have a sense of the soul’s ongoing unfoldment.  When I have given memorial services and the family seems to have unresolved feelings, I suggest that they see each other as having come into their lives to receive a gift from them and to give them a gift.  If the process is unfinished, it can be finished in meditation.  If it is finished, it can be received and appreciated. 

But the real question is, how do we discover this blueprint?  First, stop saying that you don't know what it is, for you are the only one who does know.  Then look at your life's journey through a new lens of “this is what I have chosen, and I like it.  This frees you from resistance, and allows you to move on.

At the deepest levels of your being, you cannot miss your soul contract. It is what you are always doing.  It is like a spinning wheel inside you that spins straw into gold. It takes the raw material of your experience and systematically transforms it into what your soul contract has decreed.

The spiritual teacher, Sadhguru, of India, has said that you don’t want a purpose.  Some of the greatest evils in the world are done by those with a purpose.  And especially a God-given purpose. Then it becomes more important than the present moment.  And it is a trap.

But it is also true that you have brought certain gifts and you have set yourself to give and receive certain life lessons, and to complete these deep desires you must be able to listen, to discern, and to perform - to carry out - to follow through with your soul’s ongoing unfoldment.  Else, one finds themselves in feelings of despair, disease, anxiety, feeling the loss of identity, the loss of connection.

Where do you find yourself? And I mean that self with a capital S? 

Look in the mirror. Remember across the veil of the afterlife. Know that you do know, for you are the one who decreed it.  Be patient.  Be satisfied with only the slightest shred of information. Because from the smallest clue, an entire life journey can be found.

It's also true that you may have outgrown it. There are no absolutes in spirit. There is only infinite, limitless freedom. 

Give yourself this gift from a song that our Youth of Unity use at their rallies: “Listen, listen, listen to my heart’s song.  Listen, listen, listen to my heart’s song.  I will never forget you; I will never forsake you.  I will never forget you; I will never forsake you.” They sing this to each other and to themselves. It's a chant.  (There is a youtube video of this song.)

Let this be how you receive yourself - listen to your heart’s song and promise that you will not forget it and that you will never forsake it.




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