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The Arrival by Rev. Diane Stark, Board Secretary

Thu, 11/19/2020 - 8:17pm -- ccousineau

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It seems that we are at a crossroads; that humanity is confronted with the harsh reality that we can no longer play the game of life for the short term gains; that humankind can no longer keep blinders on regarding conditions beyond their own borders,   



       We have the opportunity to grow into a new identity. We have the opportunity to think of ourselves as global citizens, seeking to accomplish the ideals of sustainable use of Earth's resources. Jared Diamond, an expert on geographic influences that determine the survival of societies, points out that the industrialized nations are not sustainably harvesting key resources – water, seafood, and forests.  Every citizen needs to take responsibility for their voice being heard to demand a solution to the exploitation of resources.

         This is the moment of arrival of a new birth of cooperation, a new birth of accountability, a new birth of universal brotherhood and sisterhood.  Let us be in praise of a new consciousness that is anchored in love and envisions the peaceful cooperation of all people.


         But where do we start?  This Christmas, when you look at the nativity scene, let the infant Yeshua be for you a new beginning. Let that child represent the arrival of a bigger heart, a broader vision, a more daring passion for equality and justice. 


         You will be led to a new activism, supporting worthy initiatives in your community and in your world.  As Moses was told, when he protested to the Lord that he had never been eloquent, “I will help you as you speak, and I will teach you what to say.” The Lord, our superconscious, will express through us in our intention for greater good.


         Each of us is part of one unified field of consciousness. We now experience The Arrival of our new identity in that consciousness this Christmas season. Hallelujah!


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