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"We Are Each One a Portion of God Made Manifest" by Rev. Eileen Stulak

Thu, 01/30/2020 - 5:09pm -- ccousineau

The affirmation for February included in the 2020 calendar from Unity World Headquarters is from author H. Emilie Cady. It reads:


‘We are each one a portion of God made manifest.’


There are several different, yet connected spiritual truths in these ten words.

  • The word ‘We' can be seen as an affirmation of unity and oneness of humanity.

  • The words ‘each one' honors every individual for their own unique life expression.

  • When viewing ‘a portion of God’ with our spiritual eyes, we can see the innate value and worth that is present in all that Spirit creates. 

  • And the words ‘made manifest’ speak to each person being the hands and feet of God, bringing Its presence into expression in the world.


Let us ask ourselves, and honestly answer, ‘Is this how I see myself?’ ‘Is this what comes to mind when I look at another?’


I imagine our answers likely swing back and forth between ‘yes’ and ‘no' for each one, depending upon our life circumstances from one day to the next. Perhaps that represents the balance we seek between our humanity and divinity as we live our lives in this world . . . one which is continually moving and changing in so many ways.


While we are first and always spiritual beings; that essence has also incarnated into the human beings we have come here to be for a time. I have found myself being drawn into honoring my humanity more than I had done before on my particular journey.


Too often over the years, I have looked at my mistakes or shortcomings as failures. Unfortunate behaviors, decisions, conversations, and such that had somehow tarnished my spirituality and held it back from being more fully expressed.

I have come to understand how much ‘separation’ was built into that vision. A separation between Spirit and me that had made its way into my thoughts, which of course, is not my true belief at all.


Today I cherish my humanity, as it is the very thing that is leading me back to that fuller and ultimately complete expression of the Christ presence in me. It can be a beautiful, guilt-free dance. One with so much opportunity for fulfillment in every area of my life.


I invite you to consider including the questions above as part of your daily spiritual practice. It can change the way you see yourself and others at great depth, and go a long way toward supporting you through the difficult interactions and conversations we can find ourselves in today.


I see me. I see you. Each of us a portion of God made manifest.


Abundant blessings,

Rev. Eileen Stulak

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