The Role of the Regional Representative

Wed, 05/25/2022 - 4:42pm -- ccousineau

The Role of Regional Representative
Helping Ministries in 2 Ways

There are 2 ways in which Rev. Greg, as our Regional Representative, is available to serve and support our Great Lakes Unity ministries and leaders:

At no cost, as a ministry leadership consultant:

•  First Point of Contact: Rev. Greg is your first point of contact and can advise on general questions pertaining to ministry development, trends, best practices, governance, bylaws, etc.  He can help brainstorm with ministry leadership and provide you with information about Unity resources, services and policies.

• LUT Sponsor: Rev. Greg is available to serve as the sponsoring minister for LUTs (Licensed Unity Teachers) who are in a ministry not served by a Unity Minister.

• Monthly Networking: Rev. Greg hosts a monthly “Resource Connection” gathering on zoom for all Ministers, Spiritual Leaders or Board Leaders (when without a minister) to connect and share with one another in a safe and confidential environment. 

• Transition Support:  Rev. Greg collaborates with ministers and boards to help the ministry as a whole to navigate the emotional, spiritual and pragmatic processes of one minister leaving and preparing for the new.

• Spiritual Counsel and Guidance: When something is up for you as a leader, Rev. Greg is a confidential and experienced counsellor to listen and offer support when invited.

• Sub-Regional Board Training: Rev. Greg offers sub-regional board training three times a year through-out our region.  A host ministry is required along with a minimum of two other ministries. Travel expenses are paid by the region, and printing of materials is the responsibility of attending ministries.

A negotiated fee-for-service, paid by your ministry for 2nd level Ministry Consultant Training. The GL Region offers scholarships for ministries who participate in some of these services:

• Module 1 Board & Leadership Training:  Rev. Greg recently revised and trained other certified UWM Ministry Consultants on this updated workshop designed to support thriving ministries. This experience can be shared with other ministries besides the host.

• Conflict Transformation: Rev. Greg has designed and facilitated a variety of workshops to support ministries during times of anxiety, change and conflict. An early assessment tool is the Sacred Listening Circle that combines a Sunday Service with a two hour church-wide Listening Circle. Various other workshops are customized to meet your ministry’s unique needs and opportunities. When mediation is needed, Rev. Greg can offer a strong and peaceful support for conflict to be resolved, whether meeting between individuals, groups or a church-wide membership meeting.  

• Transition Support: Whether preparing to sell a building or saying farewell to a beloved minister, Rev. Greg has developed specialized church-wide workshops to help guide your congregation and leadership from anxiety to clarity, and from pain to promise.

• Ministry Development: Rev. Greg offers a variety of specialized workshops including The Genogram: Exploring our History, Visioning, Strategic Planning, Vision/Mission/Core Values, Leadership Development and Accountability, Growing Through Change, and Triangulation: From Drama to Empowerment. He can help coordinate a unique workshop that is just right for your community’s unique needs.

Questions?  Connect with Rev. Greg about his services at or 989-475-5044.