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"A Powerful Conference and Business Meeting Update" by Rev. Glenda Walden

Thu, 10/03/2019 - 12:47pm -- ccousineau

I just returned from a very powerful Great Lakes Regional Conference. If you weren’t able to attend, here’s what you missed. Our keynote presenter, Rev. Charlene Manuel, led us on a journey of discovery as we experienced what it means to “lead from the heart with wisdom.” We spent time in groups of four or eight, first sharing something we needed prayer support around and then sharing a dream we were holding. As we shared individually, each person in the circle had a chance to pray for you or offer an encouraging word. I felt deeply listened to and deeply connected to everyone in my circle.

Our connection to one another was further strengthened by the silky tones of Maryel Epps and pianist, Danny Bauer. They brought more than “Just a Little Joy” (Maryel’s latest cd) as Maryel invited us to sing along to familiar tunes like “Lean On Me” and “What the World Needs Now”. Between the music and the time of praying together, I felt like I was going to church every day.

It wasn’t all serious though; we took some time to play aboard the Celebration Belle. Our steamboat cruise included delicious cuisine, live dance music, and beautiful views of the Mississippi River. We concluded our time together by holding intercessory prayers for healing, relationships, and abundance for one another in a deeply moving closing ceremony. All in all, a great Conference for body, mind and spirit.  I hope you’ll join us next year in Moline, Illinois, for another opportunity to connect, renew, and relax! 


Great Lakes Regional Conference Business Meeting Update

Our annual business meeting was completed and all reports can be found on our webpage. Rev. Ray Nelson was re-elected to a three year term on the Board of Trustees. The GLR Board and conference body welcomed Rev. Christina Garza to serve a three year term as well. The Board of Trustees met on site to elect officers for 2019-2020. These officers are Rev. Glenda Walden, President; Rev. Ray Nelson, Vice-president; Rev. Diane Stark, Secretary; Carl Nawrot, Treasurer; Rev. Meghan Brooks Smith, YFM Liaison; Rev. Christine Garza, Conference Liaison; and Susan Liddell, LUT Liaison. The Board later elected Rev. Eileen Stulak as Alternate. Our guests from Unity Headquarters and Unity Worldwide Ministries provided us with updates on program development, outreach through media development, and structural reorganization. If you haven’t visited their websites recently, I encourage you to do so as there is a lot happening in both of these organizations. Rev. Carolyne Jeane Rhodes and Larry Hooks shared the history of the Unity Urban Ministerial School and a peek into their future. Cynthia Vermillion Foster shared a brief overview of the new educational opportunities available through Unity Spiritual Institute.