A positive path for spiritual living

LIVING INTO LIFE … A Way of Being By Rev. Meghan Smith Brooks, Senior Co-Minister, New Thought Unity Center

Tue, 02/05/2019 - 5:45pm -- ccousineau



Life has a wonderful way of happening whether we choose to participate in it or not.  We are always creating life, moment by moment, for creation is a continual process of evolution.  Today I sit and contemplate this experience of life and my Beingness.  I ask myself, “How am I doing at ‘Being’?”  Some days you could say about a minus 10, and others I think I actually accomplish “Being” in the plus category.  “Being” is something I am actively practicing, to be “awake” to my Divinity as much as I possibly can.  “Being” is what I refer to as living in the awareness of my Christ consciousness in the now moment.  When I accomplish “Being”, I am living into life as it presents itself, guided by the Divinity within me, not from the outer world reality, or my humanity attachment.

As 2019 is well underway in this second month of our New Year, I consider what I might be “living into” now - both at my Unity Center, and how I am living into my role in everything I am called to do? What am I preparing for? What am I setting into motion? Am I experiencing the fullness of all that is presenting into my reality?  Perhaps asking those questions of our Unity Centers would be a proactive way to move into this New Year as well.

Our ministry’s mission is “To Experience Spirituality”, so what might that look like for each of us, and our Spiritual Communities?  I propose we all experience spirituality intentionally through all our Unity Center’s Sunday services being dynamic weekly experiences where people come to connect from the various neighborhoods within their greater community.  I see our sanctuary’s filled, uplifting music, the messages inspiring, youth ministries active and energized with children’s programs for all ages, members participating in classes that support the spiritual growth and transformation of each individual who attends, activities that create spiritual communities of oneness and joy.  I see financially healthy ministries that teach and demonstrate prosperity as a community and in individual members lives.  I see strong leadership teams that live the principles we teach and encourage others to participate in that demonstration as active members of each ministry.  I see all Unity Ministries as centers of light within their greater communities that draw spiritual seekers into our spiritual communities so that they too might discover the power of the Christ living in them. I see our Unity Movement being a proactive source,  creating empowering tools and materials for all our ministries to thrive as we prepare for the changing and evolving face of ministry.

And I now invite all of you to hold the vision of Unity sanctuaries everywhere full of joy-filled beings of all ages, singing, laughing, dancing, connecting, and moving with the vibrations of life together.  To hold the vision of infinite possibilities as described above, for this or something greater manifesting now!  For each of you who desire a connection of other souls and the experience of community, for the opportunity of spiritual growth and transformation, for each ministry in the Great Lakes Region and the Unity Movement, to be the dynamic possibility they are, join with your fellow Unity colleagues now in living this vision to life.  Let us make celebrating our spirituality within Unity, an experience that will cause our souls to soar within each Unity community as expressions love and joy – and take it to another level beyond what we are currently doing…

Let us shout our good news from our front doors and ‘bring ‘em all in’!  We want to experience spirituality through finding creative ways to touch new lives in our greater Unity Communities, so if you are experiencing success in connecting with those seeking an alternative spirituality, share it with your fellow Unity ministries, ministers and Board of Trustee’s.  Please submit an article for our Great Lakes Region E-News and website!   Let us support each other in preparing for the future of ministry and be proactive in finding new ways of thriving!

I am reminded of the movie “Field of Dreams” where Kevin Costner’s character is told, “If you build it, they will come”.  We have built the possibility for a powerful experience to express our Divinity through the intentional creation of our Unity Ministries within the Unity Movement, and we believe they will come.  As Jesus said, “All things are possible to the one that believes”.  I have great faith that as we “live Into life” through our Unity experience, we will touch lives and inspire the people of our communities to “live into life” as a way of Being - for there is no other true way to live.  Send out the call, continue to offer services of excellence, classes and programs of inspiration, and participate in greater ways within your greater communities, and your light will be seen. They will find you and be glad for it!

I know we face challenges in the changing face of ministry, but people are still seeking what Unity has to offer. Let us find new and creative ways to let them know your Centers exist and be ready to receive them in love - and the rest will evolve as our spiritual experiences of life, and we call it good!

Perhaps we follow this sage advise from Sathya Sai Baba:


Start the day with love.

Fill the day with love.

Spend the day with love. 

End the day with love. 
This is the way to God.
And, perhaps this is the way to live into life as a way of Being for all of us!