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Let Christmas Come to You by Rev. Diane Stark

Tue, 01/07/2020 - 12:12pm -- ccousineau

Let Christmas Come to You

        Every year as November and December get closer, we are all faced with the question: how can I make this Christmas special?  What can I do to create an experience that is different from the holidays past, and yet continues the tradition of memories that I share with loved ones; memories that we cherish.

        Well, I say it’s time to step back.  “Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord,” as Moses said.  Let the wonders of the holiday come to you.  Minimize your “carbon footprint.”  Be appreciative of the activities that you notice.  Bear witness to the beauty of nature, of kindness, of artistic expression.

        There is a special Christmas vibe that has built up over time, and it is something that we can draw upon when we capture the feeling of it in our auric field.  It’s the deep night of the Winter Solstice, the sacred joy of the Christmas Story, the deluge of surprises and gifts, the ritual around the tree with our families.  There is a quietness to it, a mystery in it, like the movement of angels wings, the star of Bethlehem shining in the winter sky, the wonder of a newborn baby lying in a manger.

        Listen for special phrases, special sentiments, special remembrances.  Sing along with the music you hear on the radio and in the stores.  Go to all the places you’re invited to.

        But most of all, go to church.  Let the idea of love, awakening at an ever deeper level in you, be your supreme experience.  Let yourself express that love in the way you speak, the way you touch, the way you live every moment.

Rev. Diane Stark
UWM Great Lakes Region, Secretary