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"Changing" by Carl Nawrot, Board Treasurer

Fri, 06/07/2019 - 8:57pm -- ccousineau
The chorus from one of Roger Miller’s songs included the words “Rah rah, rumble
seats and running boards, those were the good old days”. Well, “rah rah” isn’t
used in the vernacular any more, and I don’t think that Tesla (or any other auto
manufacturer) will be adding rumble seats or running boards to their
latest models. The point to be made here is that what is correct today is always
evolving, always changing because of new and better thoughts and ideas.
As one of the Prayer Chaplains at my home church (Unity of Oak Park Ill.) I was asked
to prepare the meditation for yesterday’s service. As I was prayerfully considering wha
to say for this meditation, I reflected on the changes to Unity of Oak Park over the last
couple of years. Our long serving ministers retired, and as a result of this our church
family had to change, grow stronger together and evolve into a ministry ready and
committed to serve our community. This evolution didn’t happen overnight, nor was
it without its “growing pains”. But with the wonderful assistance of transitional workshops and learning
to work together in a new way we are now ready to welcome Rev Jesse Tanner and his ministry to Unity
of Oak Park.
My point here is that change can be perceived as good or bad, painful or easy, etc. But in fact change
is just change, and while that may sound trivial, we should not ignore change or refuse to change. When
we step into our home churches next week we will not be the same people that we were when we left
last Sunday, for a myriad of events will have happened ever changing us. I remember the chorus from
another song from the 60’s that went “Changing, changing, ever changing, like the waves upon the sand.
Reaching in to find the meaning, reaching out to touch a hand.” As we reach in to continue our evolution
in mind and spirit let us never forget to reach out to each other and “touch a hand”.