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The Blessing of Coherence By Rev. Diane Stark

Wed, 01/09/2019 - 10:49am -- ccousineau

There is a phenomenon in nature called entrainment, and it means the synchronization of organisms to an external rhythm. Two liquids, when combined, form a suspension that becomes consistent.  Even the phenomenon of social conformity lends agreement to the observation that things tend to blend into a symmetry.  So – it’s natural to be in a type of cohesive contact with our surroundings and each other.  We have to put forth an effort to actually diverge from this tendency.

Remember the slogan from the sixties – “Tune, in, turn on, drop out”?  That applies here.  To have coherence with the cycles of the earth, with the highest ideals of humanity, and with the divine plan, we have to tune in.

Heart Math talks about heart coherence.  That means having agreement with the mind and heart.  It means that the feelings of the heart energy which are an outgrowth of our deepest processes, are in alignment with the thoughts of the conscious mind.  This is a basic foundation for proceeding to be in coherence with that which is beyond our own personal domain.

We can begin by setting the intention to be in coherence with an idea.  If we want to have the intention of the idea of world peace, then to be in coherence with that idea, we need to be in harmony with every person in our lives; indeed, with every creature in our lives, with every condition that we confront.

When we decree, “Through the Christ Mind, we are unified in thought, purpose, and understanding,” we use a very powerful and amazing idea.  What is the Christ Mind, exactly?  The mind of Christ is a state of consciousness, first articulated by the apostle Paul, “But we have the mind of Christ.” I Cor 2:16. 

When we invoke that aspect of our being, we greatly expand our power to create coherence, to be unified with greater and greater numbers of souls such that there is coherence, emerging from being unified in thought, purpose, and understanding.

The complete Unity affirmation is “Through the Christ Mind, we are unified in thought, purpose, and understanding, and inspired to right action for the security and freedom of all humankind.”  This is reflected in the quip so often heard, “A little girl said, ‘Someday they’ll give a war and no one will come.’” That’s coherence.

Imagine all of humanity acting with awareness of creating a humane and sustainable world.  Imagine all of humanity acting with awareness of creating harmony and abundance everywhere on earth.  Imagine every individual empowered to create their lives, fulfilled in self-expression and relationships.  If we live in coherence with the practice of nonresistance and non-judgment, we will flow into a life of joyous harmony and freedom.

In counseling, I notice that when a person is not coherent, it is an indication that they are in a state of ill health, mentally, or physically, or both.  We could see the condition of illness in the body as a kind of incoherence in the physical functioning of the body.  In relationships, I notice that conflicts are an outgrowth of an incoherence in understanding of what each person experiences of the other person.

If we use coherence as a measuring stick for how we will create our context, asking ourselves, is this coherent with my intention to have integrity, to trust God, to choose love, to be of service and give to others, then we have a discipline that will strengthen our spiritual growth.

Is this what you want?  This – this – is what our deepest desires yearn for, and it is attainable, as we step into this practice. 

Be of good cheer! Your power, through the Christ Mind, is here!