A positive path for spiritual living

2023 Begin with the End in Mind by Rev. Wilma Taylor-Costen

Sat, 12/31/2022 - 4:52pm -- ccousineau


Years ago, I participated in a seven-day leadership training based on Steven Covey's Book "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People." It was an intense journey of self-discovery, clarity, purpose and commitment. Each day we visited a new habit; at the end of each session, we were encouraged to examine our feelings, reflect on what we received, our awareness of the habit in our lives, and set goals, with each session building a foundation for growth. While I enjoyed each day, the most resonating session was Habit two, Begin with the End in Mind. …. Envision the desired results and set a course to guide one's endeavors.

My participation in this course was intersectional with my introduction to Unity and New Thought. Therefore, I saw this training as significant to my spiritual journey, as it was congruent with Unity's teaching of faith, affirmation, and declaring manifestation in my life.  Since than it has been my habit to infuse my training into my spiritual practice. Whenever I have a decision to make or a project to complete, I see the end result affirming its success before its beginning. Similarly, it is my mantra of my new year resolution every year, setting my intention, goals, and visions with the end in mind.

Habakkuk 2:2, Write the vision and make it plain upon tables, that he readeth it may run with it.

On January 1 of each year, I began with two spiritual tools: A Course In Miracles and The Master Mind Journal, both Spiritual pathways to enlightenment, transformation, and awakening a higher level of consciousness living in all areas of our lives.

The weekly goals, daily lessons, and affirmations are the substances that grounded me in my Truth that I am a Divine Expression of Love lifted above the fray of any human condition and centered in the power and presence of God within and in the Universe. The author of my blessing is the orchestrator of all the positive and good I have experienced this year.  

So as you prepare for your 2023  journey, I encourage you to "Begin with the End in Mind." Take some time and write your vision of what you want to see and experience in 2023. Then, on New Year's Eve, or 364 days from now, review, reflect, give thanks, and prepare for 2024.

May 2023 be filled with joy, peace, prosperity and abundance in all areas of your life. Happy New Year !

Love and Light,
Rev. Wilma Taylor-Costen Associate Minister
Renaissance Unity, Royal Oak, Michigan