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“Nature is Surely the Glorified Face of God” by Rev. Lisa Herklotz

Wed, 04/27/2022 - 7:43pm -- ccousineau

Take a moment here to pause… to remember how it feels when you step outdoors and feel the earth beneath your feet, the breeze on your face, or the hear the sounds of nature all around you. What is stirred in you as you walk a forest path, swim in a lake or ocean, or take a rest in the shade against the sturdy trunk of tree? For myself, there is a great sense of being welcomed and enfolded by some very dear friends. It feels as if I re-discover, each time, a deep reservoir of both longing and fulfillment within me that pours from my every cell like a great big YES!


It reminds me of how I always felt when my small niece would come to visit. She would coming running to greet me with her arms wide open, a huge smile on her face, and love pouring from her great big little heart. My own heart would flood with a feeling of belonging, of sense of unconditional love, and an awareness of being connected that has nothing to do with choice or will. This is the feeling I get as I encounter the great outdoors. What do you see and feel?

“Nature is surely the glorified face of God. See the beauty about you and ... see the manifestation of the infinite Mind.” Myrtle Fillmore

Myrtle reminds us here that the earth and all its organisms are living manifestations of Divine Energy. There is no such thing as ‘inert’ or ‘lifeless’ in reality. When we speak the words, “We are One,” do we remember to include all of life? Do we remember that we are as inextricably connected to the life forms of nature as we are to each other? When we affirm our oneness, we are affirming the presence of the uniting power of love, everywhere present, imbued with intelligence and life. The plants, animals, insects, soil, water, and air are as much a part of us as we are of them. Just as I desire to care for and protect my beautiful little niece, so am I responsible and called to care for and protect our beautiful Earth.

The spiritual journey we take is one of remembering. We must take it because we have forgotten. In our forgetfulness, we have lived believing we are disconnected, one to the other, and to our natural world. We have confused abundance with amassing for ourselves by taking from another. We have confused power with having control over, and subordinating, others and nature. And now we are all walking each other home…to awaken the awareness that abundance is achieved through generosity, power is gained by empowering others, and true joy is found when the love that flows through all living things is respected, honored, and acknowledged.

“We need a real awakening, enlightenment, to change our way of thinking and seeing things. To breathe in and be aware of your body and look deeply into it, realise you are the Earth and your consciousness is also the consciousness of the Earth.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

Journeys require change. They require we release old thoughts, old ways, old habits. It takes our commitment to learn, to become of aware of what is needed, and to act boldly and be willing to invite in new ways of being, with each other and with our natural resources. Think of someone you love dearly. Feel how that love swells in your heart. What would you be willing to do to support them to become all that they are meant to be? Now feel that same love for the planet and animals. Nature nurtures us every day.…how will we respond?

From our cofounder, Charles Fillmore:
“When love, the universal magnet, is brought into action in the consciousness of our race, it will change all our methods of supplying human wants. It will harmonize all the forces of nature and will dissolve the discords that now infest earth and air. … The earth shall yet be made paradise by the power of love.”

Use the link below to discover the many ways, both big and small, you can engage through your heart, mind, voice, and actions to support a change in consciousness and a change in behavior that supports a wholistic and holy way of life here and now.

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