“In the Flow of Absolute, Infinite Abundance” by Rev. Cindy Yamamoto

Fri, 10/28/2022 - 1:10pm -- ccousineau

At the Great Lakes Region Annual Conference last month, I shared a brief story about prosperity consciousness and moving into the flow of abundance.  The story was well received and many have asked me questions since then, so I’ve decided to share my experience in this format.

I was hired at Unity of Livonia in May of 2020.  You may recall we were in a pandemic lockdown at the time.  Along with the Board and staff, we quickly developed a way to provide a Sunday service and continued to do this remotely until April of 2021.

Once we were meeting in person again, I knew that it was time to move use from survive to thrive.  Prior to my arrival, the ministry had been without a minister for over a year and had experienced some major issues including a flood.  They kept it together and made it through all that, then the pandemic.

I began by doing a Sunday series loosely based on Edwene Gaines’ book “The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity.”  Then, I invited the Board to do a deeper study of the book.  Some were a bit reluctant (because who wants more to do in a Board meeting?)  We agreed that over the next few months they would each read two chapters per month and come back with the one key thing they would want to share with others.  Everyone shared with excitement.  Then, an amazing thing transpired.  At about the 2-month mark, our Treasurer suggested that we do the experiment that Edwene did and tithe at a full 10% (something nobody on the Board could ever remember doing) for 6 months.  The decision to do this was unanimous.

About a month later, I started facilitating Ken Daigle’s course “Absolute Abundance.”  Ten members participated, none of them Board members.  At about that same time the Board was presented with the proposed budget for 2022.  It showed a shortfall of $26,000.  In the past, they admitted that would have caused fear and had them scrambling to see where else they could trim the budget or discussing what programming or staffing would need to be cut.  But, with their renewed prosperity consciousness, and my consistent reminder that “We are in the flow of absolute, infinite abundance,” it was agreed that we would present the budget, with the deficit, to the membership at our annual meeting.

Within two weeks of this decision, another amazing thing transpired.  Our Administrator received a call from a WW (formerly Weight Watchers) representative.  Their meeting space was undergoing construction and they needed to find a temporary space to use 5 – 6 times per week for the next six months.  They offered to pay us $1,000 per week.  Math skills time.  There are 26 weeks in a 6-month period.  At $1,000 per week, that $26,000 deficit in our budget would be wiped out and bring us to a balanced budget.  Side note, WW has been with us for nearly a year now and we are flourishing.

In the past year we have also formed two new teams.  One a team to plan monthly activities throughout the year to celebrate our 60th Anniversary; The funds were seeded by the Board and enhanced by members participating in filling prosperity jars in January; affirming our flow.  Our goal was to have a variety of fun activities and break even.  We have had lots of fun and celebration, and have produced more revenue than we ever expected.

The second team was formed to tend to our beautiful building which was calling for some real TLC and Unity branding/messaging throughout.  This Aesthetics and Image Team started with the idea that nothing was wrong and we were not in need; and, an understanding that our awareness of abundance meant that we could have all that we desired.  Our budget was zero.

Our shared ideas excited the team and the members of our ministry and the resources kept showing up.  We got really creative and kept our prosperity consciousness high.  This has resulted in a new energy-efficient boiler, a totally remodeled chapel, 7 new double-paned energy-efficient windows, new vinyl flooring in one of our meeting rooms, replacement of our shingled roof, new microphones, a digital soundboard, a custom-made tech table, and so much more.

It feels so good to say and to show:
- that we are indeed in the flow of absolute, infinite abundance
- that we place all our trust in the One Source
- that we recognize that our reSources are limitless (and they may surprise us)
- that the blessings that we’ve received, we have co-created
- that we are so very grateful
- that we know that these same blessings are available to all

I hope that you’ve found some inspiration in my long share.  I’d love to hear your stories of how focusing on prosperity consciousness, puts you in the flow. 

In Abundant Peace, Joy, and Love,
Cindy Yamamoto


P.S. . We are still tithing and thriving as a ministry and so are many of our members.