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Under Construction??? by Rev. Glenda Walden

Tue, 06/12/2018 - 1:02pm -- ccousineau
Is your life, your ministry, your church “under construction”?  I noticed recently that it seems that everywhere I drive in Fort Wayne, IN there are “road construction” signs and those annoying orange barrels.  It seems an outward manifestation of the shifting consciousness of our human family.  I recently shared the story of Nehemiah with my congregation and how we have a choice to find faith and be under construction or to simply continue to die a bit every day.
We are so caught up in the motions of earning a living, paying the bills, keeping appointments, liking everyone’s post on FB so we don’t offend, on and on that we are dying to things that we’re passionate about, what lights us up, what we LOVE.  Then there’s the consciousness of an old life, old beliefs, old status that also hold us in this pattern of slow death
I wonder how this is showing up around our region?  How do the shrinking numbers, churches without leadership, and financial struggles reflect our state of consciousness and what we are holding on to? Just before Easter the deck at UFWSC collapsed because it had rotted away.  I asked my congregation, my Board, and myself,  “How does that reflect what needs to be released in us and in our spiritual community?”   Within our region, the Board still hears about how things were done when so and so was here, the days of conflict within the region when Rev. such and such was in charge, etc.  How is looking back stopping us from moving forward, growing, prospering? How is our complacency, waiting for someone else to run for the Board, to give more, to do more showing up in our region?
The key to moving forward is found in Nehemiah 4:6  “So we rebuilt the wall, and all the wall was joined together to half its height; for the people had a mind to work.”  Moving forward requires making a choice to have a “mind to work.”  We choose peace, passion, prosperity with the thoughts we think.  A choice that requires bold, courageous, action.  We choose peace, passion, and prosperity by giving time to those things that bring us peace, passion and prosperity.  It is a choice.  
In October many of us will be attending the UWM-Great Lakes Regional Conference.  Some of us will give our time, our energy, and our resources to create a beautiful experience for everyone.  We do so because of our love for Unity, our love for Unity Principles and Unity people.  You see we have a mind to work.  The promise of Nehemiah for each of us is that with every tithe we make, every team we volunteer to be a part of, with each minute spent in prayer and visioning for the UWM- Great Lakes Region, we too will be restored.  When we give with a consciousness of love the result is increased peace, passion, and prosperity.  Will you be part of the construction?