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A Region that Works for All ~ by Ted Schneider

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Sun, 05/14/2017 - 2:55pm -- kcondra

Our Unity Worldwide Ministries Great Lakes Region Board of Trustees met face to face this week to evaluate where we are as a region and plan for the future.   Our awesome Great Lakes Unity Regional Conference (GLURC) in September has the theme, “A World that Works for All.”   The title comes from the work of Shariff Abdullah, our keynote speaker and facilitator for the conference. 

We explored that idea for our region and how we serve our member ministries.  We see that there is a large population of underserved ministries that do not have the resources to pay for the products and services offered by specially trained and certified Unity consultants.  

We also see that there is a large population of retired or underemployed ministers and LUTs in our region.  We have underserved ministries and underemployed credentialed leaders.  There is a divine opportunity for these two groups to work together for good.

Our intention for the next year 2017 to 2018 is to focus on this opportunity for Adult Ministry.  We will use the lessons we learned over the past year when our focus was Youth and Family Ministry.   Our plan for this opportunity includes processes for ensuring safety, integrity and competency, as well as ways to fund it. 

We see the possibility of collaboration among our diverse membership:

Larger ministries with financial resources

Smaller ministries that struggle to pay current expenses

Ministries that do not have the funds to pay for a credentialed spiritual leader

Retired or underemployed ministers and LUTs

We plan to work with our Regional Representative, Rev. James Parker and to be in collaboration with Unity Worldwide Ministries (UWM) so that as the smaller ministries grow and build a financial base and become active members in UWM.  We see them building a fiscal foundation where they can afford the excellent tools and programs UWM offers.

We will be presenting this plan for the year in more detail at GLURC.   Look for it at the end of August on our website and come to our GLURC, September 25 through 28 to learn how to be part of it.

Rev Ted Schneider

Unity Worldwide Ministries Great Lakes Region Board of Trustees President