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Member Ministers, Spiritual Leaders, and LUTs Annual Membership Reconfirmation July 1st, for Year 2021

According to our Bylaws, each member shall be asked to reaffirm their membership once a year. 

Article III – Membership; Section 2 – Term of Membership

A member shall retain membership until said member releases membership voluntarily or no longer meets the qualifications for membership as described in these Bylaws.

2.1 Response Card. Each year, notification of the annual business meeting shall include a response card allowing members to indicate an intention to re-affirm membership in the Great Lakes Unity Region or voluntarily release their membership.  (This webform is the current form for response card.)

2.2 Contact Information. The response card (webform) will show the member’s current contact information and allow an opportunity for the member to update this information.

2.3 Lay Delegates. For member ministries, the response card (webform) will show the names of the ministry’s current lay delegates and allow theministry to update this information.

2.4 Non-Response. Non-response is considered equivalent to releasing membership voluntarily. If no response is received from amember within thirty (30) days, an attempt will be made to contact the member before the member is made inactive.

2.5 Reactivation of Membership. An inactive member may reactivate their membership provided they meet the qualifications for membership as described in these Bylaws, by submitting a written request to the President of the corporation. This request may besubmitted by email or US mail. The request must include current contact information and, for a member ministry, a list of lay delegates for that ministry.


Basic Information

By filling in my name and title below, and submitting this form, I submit this applicaiton for membership, or re-affirmation of membership.

(Rev., Sr. Minister, Assoc. Min., Retired Minister, LUT, Spiritual Ldr. etc.)
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