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"I Want to Tell Everyone"

Thu, 08/16/2018 - 3:54pm -- ccousineau
By Rev. Vareta Foster, Ed.D
I want to tell everyone that I am so grateful to be a part of the Unity movement.
Several years ago, I received a phone call from a good friend who invited me to join her on Sunday in a Unity Church in Warren, Michigan. Although I wondered why she wanted me to drive all the way from Detroit to Warren, she was so excited about the church, that I had to say yes We were both members of a church in Detroit, we had friends and colleagues there and I thought that it was just perfect.  However, a few weeks later, led by her continued excitement,  I drove the extra miles to Warren.
Little did I know at that time, that the few extra miles was the beginning of my road to recovery from fear, anger, anxiety, discontent, insult, and pain to a life of contentment, happiness, joy and peace.
Jack Boland was the Senior Minister of The Church of Today -- or rather, that church in Warren.  Each week, his message was dynamic and uplifting.  He was so good, I thought that he was speaking directly to me only. It was weeks later, when I heard another person saying the exact same thing that I realized that his message brought a healing for me as well as to all others listening. During that time, I was headed toward my second divorce.  I could not understand why this was happening to me and I needed to know. I began to get involved in several different amazing church programs and activities that didn’t save the marriage but helped me to understand more about what was going on in my life.   More involvement was a little shocking because one of the reasons that drew me to the church was the one hour and fifteen minute service.   I started going to the Wednesday night service for the unchurched; I joined The Four T program; which I took more than once and was eventually led to serve as a training leader. I was happy because the program gave me so much information and insight into another way to live.  The Transforming System that included weekly Master Mind journaling was another positive program for me. I continually read books and finally volunteered for the Youth Ministry program.
Over time, I began to notice that I didn’t feel as beaten down when seemingly devastating things happened to me.  I was able to bounce back, first slowly and as I continued to stay focused on the programs and activities, I healed increasingly faster. I also learned that certain things were not happening because of something out there, but because of something in me.
 Eventually, after Jack made his transition, Marianne Williamson became our leader and stayed about five years. She gave weekly talks that were healing and uplifting.  Marianne did not take Jack’s place or his style. Yet she was an excellent substitute, especially in her Sunday talks.  One thing that I noticed about myself during her weekly talks is that as she spoke., a nagging pain in my left shoulder would leave my body.  Since the pain went away without muscle rub or massages, I realized that healing can occur by listening and being open to Truth teachings. I was so thankful.
I moved from thankful to deep gratitude as I became more and more involved in Youth Ministry under leaders like Steven Krugler, Lisa Lee, Diane Venzera and Eileen Patra. Under their leadership, I got involved in regional trainings, and UWM trainings. Serving as a Youth Ministry teacher and sponsor was and still is a wonderful life changing experience.  As I serve, I become open to receive from those who came after me and I get to learn from the youth as well as the teachers and sponsors. I get to involve myself in lessons developed and taught by youth for two to five days during retreats and rallies. They are heart opening and heart inspiring.  I moved from thinking that I had to lull over young people to understanding that I could learn with and from them. The beauty of it, is that as I give my time, I receive unconditional love and joy without negative side effects. Most assuredly, I learned about the Grandaddy of them all – Cause and Effect.  
 Next was my enrollment in Unity Urban Ministerial School. It was an awe-inspiring decision. The Bible teachings were the most significant for me. I had read the wonderful metaphysical and biblical teachings of the Fillmores, Elizabeth Sand Turner, Eric Buttterworth, H. Emilie Cady and other classical Unity teachers but; I had never read the Bible aloud from beginning to end. How astounding this was for me to learn about the metaphysical interpretations of certain passages.  I knew then that this Unity stuff was for me for a lifetime. I graduated and was ordained as a Unity Minister. Now I am deeply involved in a joyful journey.  I know it as a flight upward in consciousness.
  Lastly, I want to tell you about how the 2018  Unity People’s Convention affected me. The convention theme focused on projecting, in our minds, movement twelve years forward and then looking back through those years to determine what we need to do in order to successfully move Unity forward step by step..
 I used the insight gained at this convention to look over the past twelve years of my life.  Wow! I can truly say that I have reached my current level by implementing the following Unity tools:
1. Sticking with the 5 Unity Principles
2. Practicing affirmations, denials and meditation regularly
3. Learning and teaching Unity Principles
4. Serving in Youth Ministry
5. Attending Regional Conferences and International Conventions.
  The above is what I wanted to tell everyone.
                                                      SEE YOU THERE!