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Freedom: Something We Choose

Tue, 07/10/2018 - 5:17pm -- ccousineau
By Rev Meghan Smith Brooks, Co-Minister, New Thought Unity Center, Cincinnati, OH
This month being the month our country celebrates our anniversary of independence, seems a good month to consider ‘How free do we really feel? How free do we really live?’.   I realize that I am not always really living truly free to be my authentic self, to express who I want to be or live as if I have nothing to worry about. What holds me back? Why is it so challenging to experience freedom as a way of life?
Reflecting on those questions, I found a statement published from the University of Hawaii edu.org site, that made me realize the connection between freedom and prosperity and our experience of if:
“Freedom Promotes - Wealth and Prosperity. * The more freedom a people have, the greater their health, wealth and prosperity; the less their freedom, the more their impoverishment, disease, and famines” (– or experience of lack).
From a spiritual perspective, freedom does represent living a prosperous life – or how free we feel to be “who we are” is in direct proportion to our experience of health, wealth and prosperity. It is a powerful choice we make in how we live; and any limitations we perceive are caused by fear. Fear is like a poison we take thinking we are imprisoned in a life with no escape, not realizing we’ve had the key all along.
I am reminded of what Eric Butterworth said in his book “Spiritual Economics” about worry: “Worry is based on the belief that some undesirable condition already exists.”. Job said something similar: ”And the thing that I fear comes upon me.”  We give up our freedom the minute we live in the consciousness of fear and worry. We also hold the key that opens the door to freedom through the changing of our minds according to Charles Fillmore. Why not exercise our inner power of choice!
So as we celebrate freedom this July, I invite each of you to join me in celebrating our power of choice and choose freedom to be ‘who we are’ by divine nature - the part of ourselves that instinctively demonstrates creative expression. The part of ourselves that aligns only with the energy of expressing that, which supports our thriving on all levels: physically, mentally, financially and spiritually!  
When we become clear with ‘WHO I AM’ – I am aware of the source of energy that fuels my thoughts and ideas into manifestation. Therefore ‘I expect’ my life to be abundant; I ‘expect’ my body to thrive; I ‘expect’ anything I can conceive in my mind or something better to happen!
Victor Frankl is attributed to saying: “Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is the power to choose our response. In our response lies our freedom.”
Let’s all remember to take a deep breath before reacting to life, so that we may respond with the choice that comes from within. Every time we do, freedom abounds and we become instruments of positive change for thriving – personally, within our ministries and within the world around us! HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! Make it a daily experience…