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Regional Rep. Role Redefined

Regional Representative Position Redefined

To increase access to, and understanding of the services provided by our Regional Representative, your Great Lakes Region Board is adopting a new job description for the role. The position in its present form will cease as of April 30. Ministers interested in applying for the new position will be invited to do so soon, probably within the next 30 days. 

In the interim, ministers and ministries in the region seeking support may contact UWM-GLR President Rev. Ray Nelson, or any member of The Board.
Rev. James Parker stepped into the R.R. role as currently configured in January 2017 after Rev. Marti Newman resigned to return to pulpit ministry. While historically, R.R.s were hired on a multi-year contract, the board opted to award a one-year contract and use that time to re-shape the job to better align with changes underway at Unity Worldwide Ministries. In addition to better complementing services now available through UWM-Member Services, compensation for the newly restructured position is intended to give smaller ministries greater access to regional services. 
Click here to learn more about the difference between the work of our Regional Representative and UWM Consultants.



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